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Awards and distinctions

GAA will be a powerful tool to assert the quality of work of architects and designers all over the world! Not only the winners will have their work promoted within our global media partners, but will also be able to use the winner certificates and media kit elements to enhance the projects visibility online.

GAA establishes a set of awards and distinctions, accessible to all candidates. All the submitted projects that meet the registration requirements will be able to be shared in social media, networks and websites of every candidate in order to receive public votes and be eligible for the “Public Choice” award.

We highly encourage candidates to present their projects in an early stage so they can benefit of the “Public Choice” vote for a longer period of time and enhance the chances of winning one of these awards in every category.

The Jury will then vote for projects in each category. As a result of the analysis and voting process the following awards will be attributed for each category:

There are 495+ awards and numerous honorable mentions waiting to be assigned to talented architects and designers from all over the world!

Winners Benefits 

Winners Kit :

(for all winners, honorable mentions and public choice awardees)

 . Personalized Certificate

. Personalized Poster

. Award Logo

Other benefits include the following:

  • Winning projects will be featured on our homepage and get their own landing page
  • Winning projects will be featured on our Instagram and Facebook feeds
  • Winners can be invited to be part of the Jury panel in next editions of GAA
  • The best projects can be featured on the covers of future GAA
  • A selection of projects will be included in GAA newsletters
  • The results of GAA will be spread through all of our media partners worldwide

Your projects will be seen by millions of people all over the world!

Brand Differentiation and Marketing Boost

Awarded projects can firmly establish themselves in a strong niche. G+ awards program is simultaneously an independent promoter of your projects and an excellent indicator of success in case of being awarded or distinguished.

Being awarded or distinguished at GAA means an incredible opportunity to improve architects and designers brand presence: GAA program actively supports the promotion of your business and promotes connection to potential new clients worldwide.

Architects and designers awarded at GAA can use the winners media kit to promote their winning projects on brand’s website, social media, email signature, brochures, among other possibilities.

Sharing your win with the world is fundamental! Sharing what your business has achieved through all your hard work is exciting and fun – you deserve this! Let’s share your success!

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